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About First Congregational

About Our Beliefs

We look to the Bible as a starting place for belief. We look to Jesus Christ as our guide for faith and service.

Progressive Theology, Traditional Worship best describes our Christian practice - valuing our history, while making meaningful connections to today's world. We are a spiritual home for those seeking a traditional church environment, as well as for those with progressive theological leanings, and people between and outside of those boundaries.

We do not require our members to hold to any particular Christian teaching, but rather we come together as the church around the idea of covenant. Our covenant comes from the Salem Congregationalist community shortly after arriving in the New World in 1629.

We covenant with you, O God,
and one with another,
and do commit ourselves in your presence
to walk together in all your ways,
according as you are pleased
to reveal yourself to us
in your blessed Word of truth.

About Our Purpose

In 2014, First Congregational adopted a new mission statement. We believe this statement best articulates our role in the greater Grand Ledge area.

Following Jesus, our mission is to serve God by building an inclusive community

where uplifting worship and relevant messages deepen spirituality and inspire

acts of justice, service and compassion.


About our Identity

(a result of the Interim Workshop 01-24-07; adopted by the Executive Board 05-20-08)

  • We are a congregation of people with strong convictions and courage, a quality that led us to become an Open and Affirming church.
  • We are a caring community of members and friends who support each other, welcome newcomers and are open to diverse ideas and opinions.
  • We are a church that sees music as a way to express ourselves spiritually in worship and we are fortunate to have an excellent music program.
  • We, as members of this church, take seriously the challenge to become financially healthy and to adequately support church programs and outreach.

About our History

First Congregational was founded in 1864, and is a congregation rich in history and poised for the future. Congregationalists find their beginnings with the original Pilgrims and Puritans of New England in the 1600s. Once the Puritans settled in the New World, they became known as Congregationalists. In 1962, our congregation affiliated with the United Church of Christ, a group of churches, about 1.3 million members, who value individual relationship with God, Jesus and the Bible and who come together as a people with diverse opinions and beliefs, but whose hope is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ, God's son.