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We gather as the body of Christ each Sunday to celebrate and worship God, joining our voices to sing and pray. 

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

We are an OPEN AND AFFIRMING CHURCH.  Believing that every person is a child of God invested with worth and dignity, and believing that every person is a recipient of God's grace, we joyfully welcome and affirm all persons - those of every age, gender, sexual orientation, personal ability, race, ethnic background or faith background.

Our church includes people from DIVERSE FAITH BACKGROUNDS and VARIOUS DEGREES OF EXPERIENCE in "church".  There are no "right" ways or "wrong" ways to worship, pray or sing and we invite you to worship in a way that feels comfortable to you.

If you have trouble hearing, SOUND AMPLIFIERS are available.

You are welcome to worship with your children or NURSERY CARE is available.


  • Relax!  God put the wiggle in children.  Don't feel you have to suppress it in God's House.
  • Use gentle touch:  an arm around your child's shoulder, your hands in his/hers to givereassurance and appropriate attention.
  • Explain quietly parts of the service.
  • Help you child find the pages in the Bible and Hymnal.  (Don't be distressed if they don't find the proper page!)
  • Sing the hymns, pray, voice the responses.  children learn liturgical behavior by copying you.
  • An usher will be happy to help you with books and crayons.  Please feel free to let your child use these during worship.
  • Pew buddies are in the pews - stuffed animals for children in the service.
  • If your child becomes noisy during the sermon, please take advantage of our attentive adult babysitters who will warmly include them in the nursery (up to 6 years).

Come, as you are...

You are WELCOME here !