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Blessings in a Backpack

Blessings in a Backpack

This program provides food to needy students in the Grand Ledge area. Children
who receive free or reduced cost lunches at school often go hungry on the
weekends.  This program provides these children with a backpack full of food to
cover this need.  Each Friday, the backpacks are filled with food to nourish the
student over the weekend.  When they return on Monday the backpacks are
gathered to be refilled for the following Friday.  Tina E. is leading our congregation's
efforts to support this program and they need your financial support.  For only
$80 you can feed one child for an entire school year! This is just a few dollars
a week.  Think of the difference we can make in our community by supporting
this wonderful program. For more information, please visit the
Blessings in a Backpack - Grand Ledge website.


Thank You !    :-)



Nicaragua Mission Trip

Charlene has returned from her Mission Trip in Nicaragua.  She traveled with Edgewood UCC to build water filtration
systems to provide much needed clean drinking water.   Here is an excerpt from Charlene talking about her trip:

Images keep flashing through my head of so many of the people I have spent 9 days with…my five new friends
from Edgewood United Church.  We all supported each other in many ways throughout the week…the heat,
humidity, living conditions, walking on rough roads, putting together the filters in hot, smoky kitchens…it was
a challenging week.  Then there was Doug, our CEPAD leader (Doug is a Presbyterian pastor from Pennsylvania
and has dedicated the last 16 years of his life to Nicaragua, a truly amazing man) and his Nicaraguan assistant
Harold; Raphael and Melvin, the Nicaraguan staff who work for Aqua Clara; Carlos, our stead-fast driver.
Without their passion and dedication, many of the good projects developing in the villages of Nicaragua would
not be happening.  The sky at night was brilliant with more stars than I have ever seen…total darkness at night
makes such a difference…and I saw the most brilliant shooting star of my life.

But there are also so many other images in my head and heart of the Nicaraguan families we met each of the
three days in four villages…Los Angeles, Esperansa, Los Pintos, Rio Bravo…children with their black hair and
dark flashing eyes, their ready giggles and smiles as they looked at our cameras to see the pictures we took of
them. It was so touching to have the families eagerly awaiting our arrival with the large plastic containers that
would soon be filled with layers of stone and sand….and as each container was filled with water, the sound of
the first trickle of water coming from the spout
into a large bucket was a beautiful sound. Ninety times we
heard that music…and 15 times it was directly tied to the generosity of your giving, both financially and by
your prayers.

The Edgewood team members and I are planning to present a program sometime in September to tell you
more about our mission trip. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these three pictures of two adorable little brothers
who will be able to start drinking clean water on July 11 from a water filter provided by all of you. And be-fore
the first batch of water filters was loaded on the back of Doug’s truck, Melvin, age 21,
initiated three of them with beautiful music…

Melvin never stopped smiling all week. When a water filter was installed in his house a few years ago, he
followed the team, so interested in what was going on in his village, that Aqua Clara hired him the next year.
Yes, I’m back from Nicaragua…but a piece of my heart will remain there forever.
Thank you again for
your support in making this incredible journey possible.

May the peace of Christ be with you all and with the people of Nicaragua.


Habitat for Humanity


We don’t yet have a specific project for working on a Lansing Habitat house in 2013.
Right now I am simply looking for people who would like to be contacted when a project
comes up.  Remember... you don’t need to be highly skilled in any construction process;
there is always a task for anyone at any skill level who wants to help build a house or work
of working with another member of our church family, but may also have the opportunity
to work along side the family who will be living in the house upon completion. If you would
like to be on a future crew, or if you would like more information about Habitat, please
contact Charlene A. at 517-627-8696.


Burning Embers Ministry

The Burning Embers Ministry of FCUCC is dedicated to bringing the fire of Christ’s love and
sense of community to those who are unable to worship with us for a variety of reasons including
sickness, frailty, or the birth of a new child. If you know of someone who could benefit from this
ministry, or if you are interested in learning more about how a card, phone call, or visit can help
people stay connected, please contact Kathy B. at 517-627-9855.